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LeuchtBox - Kultur erleben

What is the Leucht Box?

First of all, the LeuchtBox is associated with the building which hosted exhibitions of the nine Danube countries east of Germany. But the LeuchtBox also serves a higher purpose: “Experiencing Interculture” is the motto of the project. This project - a venture of the city of Passau – is part of the EU project “Donauhanse” aimed at facilitating cooperation across the Danube region. Its task was to exhibit the different Danube countries, their people’s cultural diversity, historic heritage and the role of the Danube in each of the nine countries. The concept is interactive – the visitor can see, smell and hear the culture of the exhibited country through viewing TV commercials, experience the smell boxes and listening to the country’s music. This “Flash behind the Border” has made Passau a hub between the East and the West, a role which can be traced back to the Roman Age. As endeavor, the LeuchtBox was designed to help break down prejudice and raise interest about the European neighbors on the Danube as far as the Ukraine as well as to demonstrate how countries, so diverse in their social and historical traditions, can cooperate and coexist sharing the common natural world.

We invite you to set out on a virtual journey along the Danube and to take a closer look at the LeuchtBox country exhibitions.